What is P3?

Our bicycles are designed to be the best and simplest alternative for urban transportation. Do you need experience? Of course not, we know -more than any other- that to conquer the city you don't need to be an experienced cyclist or have great knowledge of mechanics, just the desire to ride and want to change the way you move.

"A P3 has a series of advantages based on its simplicity."

Having fewer components makes them extremely light, without losing any quality. Always remember: less is more. 

The rigid, shockless frame makes the force exerted on the pedals transmit greater speed, in a much more efficient way.

The wheel rim -700c- today is the most maneuverable and easy to use in terms of urban mobility, in addition to having a narrower tire that reduces friction with the road and makes pedaling much more agile and fast. The rear wheel also has a freewheel and a fixed cog so you decide how you want to pedal, it's as simple as turning the wheel. And what about maintenance? Forget it! They are such good and simple bikes that with a minimum of care you won't have to waste time and money going to the mechanic for a long time.