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Purchase Process

Having your next bike is super easy! All you have to do is add your product to the cart, enter your information and choose payment and shipping method. Our stock is fully updated.

Yes, our bikes have a 2 year warranty on all our frames and forks that have any manufacturing defects and 6 months for the components.

*Tires, tubes, saddles, handlebar tape, grips and brake pads are parts that naturally wear out over time, so they are not included in the warranty.

This warranty does not cover accidents, punctures or damage caused by misuse, and is activated only if the bicycle was assembled in a local bike shop.

Fixed cog: Most of our bikes have a flip flop hub, that is, the rear wheel has a free wheel on one side and a fixed one on the other. Adjusting the fixed cog is very important to avoid accidents and to ride safely. The warranty for failure of the fixed cog applies as long as it has been adjusted in a local bike shop.

For more information, go to the Warranty section.

We deliver all over the US! Shipping for bicycles is free in all 48 continental states and $7 flat for accessories.

If you live in parts of the LA county or Orange county, you can choose to receive your bicycle assembled for a $40 fee.

For bicycles delivered to parts of LA county or Orange county we offer a $40 fee to deliver your bicycle assembled and ready to use. If you're not in the LA area, the bicycle is delivered unassembled, in a box. We recommend that you take it to a local bike shop to get it assembled by a professional and so it's done tight enough, safely, and inflated correctly. In addition, this is how the warranty is activated and enforced


At P3 we have different bicycle sizes according to your height. Choosing the correct size will reassure that you can ride correctly and avoid and injuries or pain.

You can check out the size charton every product page.

A cog is a piece that communicates the force that is transmitted by the chain towards the wheel. This cog can be free, meaning that you can stop pedaling and the wheel will continue in motion (the majority of bicycles have this system). The other option is a fixed cog, in which whenever the bicycle is in motion, you cannot stop pedaling. Although the ladder system can be very complicated, many cyclists prefer it so that they can ride without brakes and do tricks, e.g. riding backwards.

The majority of our bicycles come with Flip Flop hubs, which means that the rear wheel has both types of cogs, one on each side.

By default, they come on the freewheel side. In the case that you want to change the cog, adjusting it well is very important to avoid accidents and ride safely. The warranty for faulty parts apply if and only if they have been adjusted in a bike shop by a specialist.

At the moment we only have models predesigned by us, with combinations of colors for everyone. It's not possible to change the colors of the tires or frames. 

What you can do is give a personal touch to your bicycle with accessories that we offer on our page!

Our bicycles are very lightweight. A MTB weight on average 33 lbs, while our single-speed weighs about 25 lbs.

P3s come with rigid frames without shock,which makes it so the force that is executed on the pedals is transmitted so it advance much more efficiently.

All of our models come with a bigger wheel than a MTB, in addition it is a lot more narrow, so there is less friction on pavement and it makes it more agile and faster.

After Sales

As soon as we receive your order, you will receive a confirmation email.

We will then send you a second email letting you know that your bike is on its way along with a UPS tracking code.

If you are not satisfied with your P3 (we are confident that you will be!), we offer a 30 calendar day return and exchange policy. It can be exchanged or returned as long as it is in the same condition as it was given to you; this includes the original packaging, as well as the ticket.

You can find all the information in the Returns section

We do not offer that service. Only if something fails and the warranty applies, we carry out repairs to our bikes. For questions about this write tosupport@p3cycles.comin charge of after sales.