July 22, 2021

Are you buying your first bike? Do you know what to look for when you go shopping or do you get overwhelmed? Although a bike looks pretty, you may want to have some other ideas in mind before you decide. Read this blog post to learn tips about what to consider when buying your first bicycle.

Your Ride

Are you going to ride your bike to work? Do you just want the exercise? These are great reasons to get a bike, but understanding why you're getting a bike will help you choose the best one. This way you know how far, how often, and where you'll be riding.

Take note of the bike paths in your city and what terrain you'll mainly be riding on. If you are staying in the city on paved streets, it's best to find a single speed or road bike. Road bikes ride faster and smoother on paved roads. However, if you're looking for more adventure, we recommend a hybrid or geared bike. Our hybrid won't go as fast on paved roads, but if you're looking to ride on dirt paths or go uphill, it's a great option. Research your area and where you'll be riding, and from there decide what kind of bike will suit the bike paths best.

tips for buying bikes


Find your correct size 

Bicycles have sizes, and you need to find which size fits you best. When looking for the correct size, we recommend that you look over the geometry table, especially the measurement called "standover" which the height at where the ground is to the horizontal tube. Compare this measurement with the length of your legs. If the stand over is very long, a smaller size could be better. The idea is that when you stop and you have to support yourself with both feel on the ground, you can reach the ground and the tube doesn't bump into you or make you uncomfortable. Having a bike that fits the measurements of your body will make your ride a lot more comfortable.

standover measurement for bicycles


Material and Frame

Bikes come in all types of shapes and sizes, but also all types of materials. At P3 our bike frames range from 3 types of materials: Aluminum, Steel, and Chromoly. It's good to know the different benefits of each of these materials when making your decision.


First we have aluminum. The main reason that aluminum is a great choice is because it is extremely lightweight. Our Track collection is made of aluminum, and they're our lightest bikes, ideal for carrying it up and down apartment stairs or lifting it onto a rack. Aluminum has other pros too, for example, it doesn't rust like steel and it is more aerodynamic. If you're looking for a light and fast bike, aluminum is the way to go.

Aluminum bicycle fro p3 cycles

While steel is a little heavier than aluminum, it's more durable and easier to repair. As they say, "steel is for real." This is a benefit because that means it is easier to control and they last longer. Steel has been the number one bike frame material for the past 60 years, so it goes to show that it's a material you can trust. If you're looking to make a long term investment, we recommend considering a steel bike.

Steel bike for starting out

Lastly, there is chromoly. Chromoly has the combination of advantages of steel and aluminum. It is durable like steel but very light like aluminum. It's a good option for when you are indecisive. Being naturally shock-absorbent, chromoly is used for more adventurous bikes, like our Hybrid and Velo models.

Chromoly bicycle for starting



Remember that when you buy a bike, it's not the only purchase you need to make. There are essential accessories that you need to keep in mind to make your experience on two wheels even better. Some necessary accessories to buy include:

  • Helmet

  • Lock

  • Bike Pump

  • Lights

There are many more accessories and tools that you can buy to make your ride easier and more fun, but to get started those are the accessories that are absolutely necessary to begin.

Color and Look

Finally, we've arrived at the fun part. Although it's something we'd rather think of first, it's the least necessary when deciding your first bike, but we included it in the list because it's still important to consider. After all, your bike will be your new companion, so you want it to match your style. At P3, we try to offer you the best styles to go with your personality since everyone will be eyeing you on your new bike.


Beginner cyclist tips

Have you already made up your mind? You can find our available bicycles here so you can take this advice and decide which model will be best for you.

Want more tips? Leave a comment below and tell us what more advice you'd like us to write about!


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