December 02, 2021

We love our Nexus! and as a team we wanted to take advantage of our blog to talk about our bicycle models, what inspired them, and what their characteristics are.

In the past we've referred to the Track and the Nix, and today is the perfect opportunity to talk about our beloved Nexus.

Nexus 3-speed bicycle

What is the Nexus?🧐

The Nexus is an urban bicycle with gears, which means that this model maintains the minimalist geometry of a fixie, but includes different speeds that amplify the range of use, without changing the aesthetic and geometry.

The main advantages of our Nexus model are:

✅  3 speeds, so it is more versatile than a single-speed and can comfortably confront slight uphills.

✅ The gear shift system is sealed, so it requires much less frequent mechanic maintenance.

✅ Different than a typical bicycle, the gears can shift without the bike being in movement, so you can be comfortable facing those uphills that start right after a red light

Some Definitions🤓

Hubs, sealed gears, fixie, there are many different terms that can be confusing so here we will explain each of these:


Also called speeds, the gears are a system on some bicycles that allow it to have a more efficient use of the energy that we exert with our legs. To make it simple, having gears allows us to face uphills and downhills more comfortably without having to change the rhythm of our pedaling.


The hub is what many call "the axle" of the wheel. In the case of a geared bike, it's normal that the rear hub is connected to the parts of gear shifts, whether that be internal or external.

Internal vs external gears

The majority of bicycles have an external gear system, which means that the cog that has the different speeds is visible. Being on the outside, you need to care for them and clean them often.

Image of the external gears of our Hybrid bicycle.

Some bicycles, like the Nexus, have an internal gear system that is inside the hub of the bicycle. In this case, the gears are not visible and are sealed, so it's less likely that they require maintenance or that something might affect it's functionality.


All bicycles possess a structure (frame and fork) and components. The ladder completes part of the bicycle's transmission, which includes the chain, cabling, gears, among others. Shimano is one of the most famous brands in the world that produces components and has distinct models, one of them being the Nexus, whose system is internal gears. In our case the specific model that we have for our bikes is the SG-3r40 with 3 speeds.

How do I know if the Nexus is right for me?🤔

Being a very versatile bike, there are plenty of reasons to choose a nexus, but by all means, here are the most common reasons:

✔️ If you like the minimalist aesthetic of fixies, but need speeds for your trips

✔️ If you want to avoid having to regulate your bicycle's gears too much

✔️ If you take long rides or the streets you ride on have slight hills that destroy your legs

✔️ If you have to go back and forth a lot on your ride, starting with a light gear can really help to alleviate the trip

How can I get my Nexus?

Just like all our products, you can buy your Nexus through our website. The steps are the following:

1. Go to the Nexus Collection on our website

2. Select the variant you want (color and size)

3. Add the product to the cart

4. In the checkout, fill out your information (name, email, etc)

5. Select the delivery and payment method

6. You're ready!

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