August 18, 2021

When riding, it's important to be safe and comfortable. The best thing you can do for your ride and your body is to have the correct adjustment of your seat. In today's post, we are going to explain how to properly adjust your bicycle seat and what to keep in mind when doing so.

Seat Height

The first thing, and most obvious, that you want to adjust is the seat height. It's very common for people to put their seat at a height so that their feet comfortably touch the ground. Although this may feel safer, it is not an accurate height at which your seat should be. First, you should stand next to your bike and make the seat level to your hip. Then, you want to sit on your bike and make sure your knees are only slightly bent when the pedal is closest to the ground. You don't want it completely straight, but you also don't want it very bent. Make sure you have your metatarsus on your pedal, instead of your heel or the arch of your foot.

Bicycle seat adjustments

You will know if your seat is too low if you begin to experience knee or back pain. To adjust the seat height, loosen the nut with an Allen Wrench on the seat post and move it up and down to find the correct height. Once it's found, tighten the seat clamp well so that it won't budge on your ride.

Bicycle Seat height adjustment

Seat Angle

This is something that depends more on preference. Many people prefer to have their seat horizontally, but some prefer it to be slightly angled downwards. There is no difference, it is just simply what feels more comfortable for you. We recommend you try riding with different angles to find what suits your body the most. You can adjust the seat angle by loosening the bolt on the bottom of the seat and angling the saddle as you'd like. Make sure to tighten it well before riding.

Bicycle seat angle adjustment

Horizontal Position

The last step is to adjust the position of the seat horizontally. This depends on your body and the length of your torso. To find the correct position, you should get on your bike as if you were riding and make it so the crank arm is forward and parallel to the ground. Your knee should be directly over the pedal. If it is not, you may have to adjust your seat forwards or backwards. You can do this by loosening the bottom bolt and sliding the saddle along the metal rails on the seat.

Bicycle seat position adjustment

Is your seat well adjusted? Did this post help? Let us know in the comments what other adjustments you'd like to learn about!

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