March 10, 2021

With the help of the #P3Community, we are brining you the best apps and websites to make your experience on two wheels around your city nice and accessible.

Whether it be to get information about your rides, learn about your bike, or plan your routes, here is what we found to help you:

Strava (App)

This was one of the first apps we thought about when making the list. Strava is an app designed to log all our bikes rides and submit information like the distance we did and the speed of our ride. One of the best things about this app is that it saves all our rides in different posts and it shares it with other users, so we can know, for example, what our PR was of our daily commute. 

Bike Repair (App)

Not everything in a cyclist's life is just pedaling, another important part is worrying about the state of our bike and our health.  Bike Repair is a great app that, with pictures, explains step by step adjustments that are really important like the regulation of our brakes and the height of our seat.  With a very complete list, this app is ideal to learn about mechanics or avoiding trouble on the bike path.

Metro Bike Map (Website-LA area)

If you're looking for safe bike paths for your commute or ride, be sure to check out your city's map of bike paths. Metro Bike Map LA is perfect for planning a safe trip. This map has laid out all the bike paths, lanes, and routes through the Los Angeles county.  It's a great way to plan a safe commute.

NYC Bike Maps (Website- New York City area)

Just like LA county, New York City has an interactive map to display all the bike lanes and paths to ensure your trip.  Whether you're commuting to your 9 to 5 or just want to ride around central park, the NYC Bike Maps gives you a visual of safe bike paths to follow.


Ride with GPS (App/Website)


For those long rides in a new city, this app is perfect. Ride with GPS helps users not only track their ride, but also allows them to plan and research their routes.  On the app, you can find lists of routes and also events nearby.  The app is ideal for following a GPS if you need directions.  You can connect with friends and share your experiences pedaling through your city.

Komoot (App)

Another great app for planning your route, Komoot allows you to plan, record, and share your rides.  If you're trying to reach a goal, or just preparing for your daily commute, this app is great for planning them.  You can save a list of planned and complete routes in a log so you know exactly what to expect.  It gives you step by step navigation if it's a new route for you so that you feel more comfortable riding through the city.

Moovit (App)

Although it's more popular for those who use public transportation, we wanted to include this app on the list of the #P3Community recommendations. Moovit is a good alternative to use your phone like a GPS that prioritizes bike routes and takes you along less busy streets.

Here are more apps we didn't include on the list but were recommended by the #P3Community:

We hope that you found this list helpful.  They have been very practical for us and we hope for you too.  Let us know in the comments what apps are your favorites and if we left any out!👇😜

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